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Except as indicated, the following out-of-print books and other writings are available on-line at:

Note: three of the books listed below (those with titles shown in Bold) are available at slightly different URL addresses.


Books And Monographs


Four Decades of Christmas Bird Counts in the Great Plains: Ornithological Evidence of a Changing Climate , Paul A. Johnsgard  (text) and Thomas G. Shane (maps).



Louis A. Fuertes and the Zoological Art of the 1926–1927 Abyssinian Expedition of The Field Museum of Natural History , Paul A. Johnsgard

Body Weights and Species Distributions of Birds in Nebraska's Central and Western Platte Valley , William C. Scharf, Josef Kren, Paul A. Johnsgard, and Linda R. Brown


 A Guide to the Natural History of the Central Platte Valley of Nebraska, Paul A. Johnsgard

A Guide to the Tallgrass Prairies of Eastern Nebraska and Adjacent States, Paul A. Johnsgard

The Birds of Nebraska, Revised edition 2007, Paul A. Johnsgard



 Birds of the Cedar Point Biological Station Area, Keith and Garden Counties, Nebraska: Seasonal Occurrence and Breeding Data, Charles R. Brown, Mary Bomberger Brown, Paul A. Johnsgard, Josef Kren, and William C. Scharf




Diving Birds of North America. 1987. University. of Nebraska Press, .See:



Cranes of the World,  Paul A. Johnsgard (Indiana University Press)



Grouse and Quais of North America.  University of Nebrasla Press.




Handbook of Waterfowl Behavior.    Cornell University Press.



Other Publications


Celebrating Darwin's Legacy: Evolution in the Galapagos Islands and the Great Plains, Paul A. Johnsgard  (Catalog of a 2009 Art Exhibit in Great Plains Art Museum, Lincoln, NE)


Cranes of the World in 2008: A Supplement to Crane Music, Paul A. Johnsgard



Paul Johnsgard: Comprehensive Vita and Bibliography, Paul A. Johnsgard



In Explorers' Footsteps, Paul A. Johnsgard. (Birding magazine)



Migrations of the Imagination.. Photographs by Michael Forsberg, Drawings,

Sculptures and Quotations by Paul A. Johnsgard, and Additional Works of Art. Catalog of an exhibit in the Great Plains Art Museum, 2002.


Nebraska's Sandhill Crane Populations, Past, Present and Future, Paul A. Johnsgard



The History of Life in Nebraska: A Time-Travel Adventure, Paul A. Johnsgard (Nebraskaland magazine)

Comments on Nebraska's Falconiform and Strigiform bird fauna, Paul A. Johnsgard



Ecogeographic Aspects of Greater Prairie-chicken Leks in Southeastern Nebraska, Paul A. Johnsgard

Historic Birds of Lincoln's Salt Basin Wetlands and Nine-mile Prairie, Paul A. Johnsgard

A Century of Breeding Birds in Nebraska, Jackie Canterbury and Paul A. Johnsgard

A Century of Ornithology in Nebraska: A Personal View, Paul A. Johnsgard



The Ultraviolet Birds of Nebraska, Paul A. Johnsgard

Marvelous, Mystical, Tropical Trogons, Paul A. Johnsgard. Living Bird magazine)

The Age of Birds in Nebraska, Paul A. Johnsgard



Endemicity and Regional Biodiversity in Nebraska's Breeding Avifauna, Paul A. Johnsgard

A Half-Century of Winter Bird Surveys at Lincoln and Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Paul A. Johnsgard

In Memorium: Charles G. Sibley, Paul A. Johnsgard



 A Serious Approach to the Comical-Looking Ruddy Duck, Paul A. Johnsgard  (Birder’s World  magazine)



Beguiled by Birds: A Profile of Paul Johnsgard, James L. Hayward and Paul A. Johnsgard


 Nebraska Fauna: American White Pelican, Paul A. Johnsgard (Nebraskaland magazine)



 COMMON GOLDENEYE: Notes on Nebraska Fauna, Paul A. Johnsgard  (Nebraskaland magazine)


 Buzz-wings, Paul A. Johnsgard  (Hummingbirds of Nebraska; Nebraskaland magazine)



 Whooper Recount, Paul A. Johnsgard (Natural History magazine)



Where Have All the Curlews Gone?, Paul A. Johnsgard (Natural History magazine)



 The Triumphant Trumpeter, Paul A. Johnsgard (Natural History magazine)



Flight of the Sea Ducks, Paul A. Johnsgard (Natural History magazine)



Waterfowl Portraits, Paul A. Johnsgard  (Nebraskaland magazine)

Quail Music: The complex calls of a bird contain clues to its evolution, Paul A. Johnsgard (Natural History magazine)



Natural and Unnatural Selection in a Wild Goose, Paul A. Johnsgard (Natural History magazine)



 A Review of Parental Carrying of Young by Waterfow, Paul A. Johnsgard and Janet Kear

Foraging dives by surface-feeding ducks, Janet Kear and Paul A. Johnsgard

Distributional Changes and Interaction between Prairie Chickens and Sharp-Tailed Grouse in the Midwest, Paul A. Johnsgard and Robert E. Wood

The Evolution of Duck Courtship, Paul A. Johnsgard (Natural History magazine)



 The Elusive Musk Ducks, Paul A. Johnsgard (Natural History magazine)



 The Sexual Behavior and Systematic Position of the Hooded Merganser, Paul A. Johnsgard



A Quantitative Study of Sexual Behavior of Mallards and Black Ducks, Paul A. Johnsgard



Comments on Species Recognition with Special Reference to the Wood Duck and the Mandarin Duck, William C. Dilger and Paul A. Johnsgard



 Waterfowl of North Dakota, Paul A. Johnsgard. North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies (undergraduate research project).